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We are great at what we do and our Machinery simply rock

Our Skill Levels are too high maintaining with

Project Profile & Feasibility Study.
Project Layout & Design.
Construction Supervision & Implementation.
Imported machinery Supply.
Machinery Installation & Commissioning.
Electrical Design & Installation.
Train up Manpower, Pre-Operation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance.
Production Management & Quality Control.

More About Our Company

We SHUANGYASHAN Engineering & Technology Com. Ltd. registered Company limited by shares in Bangladesh (Reg. No. ————-).

We are an exceptional advance Bangladeshi importer and supplier of heavy industrial machines and plants. Not only that we also provide full consultancy, installation, trial production and provide before and after sale services to set up your industry. Our success is driven by combining its own vast experience and accumulating best practices in implementing heavy industry.

We supply complete Green Bricks making plants, vegetable processing machines, milk processing plants, oil seed processing plants, feed processing plants, water treatment plants, cold storage plant, auto rice milling plant etc.

Fully Turn-key Projects

The wide product range enables us to provide our customers with stand-alone machines or complete processing plants.

We have skilled engineers, technicians, sales and service offices and distributors in all over the world, more and more effective service will be supplied to local customers.

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Our fields of Expertise

We specialize in Tunnel Kiln.

Tunnel kiln and Rack/ Chamber/ Small Tunnel Dryer with Fully Automatic Machinery.
(Capacity: 50,000 ~ 200,000 Pcs per day). Ensure 85% finish bricks production.

Hybrid Hoffman kiln

Hybrid Hoffman kiln and Tunnel Dryer with Fully Automatic Machinery.
(Capacity: 50,000 ~ 200,000 Pcs). Ensure 80% finish bricks production.

Concrete Block

Natural Curing with Fully Automatic Concrete Block machine.

Capacity : 43,200 to 100,000 Pcs per Day (08 Hours)

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